Denny Laine Interview, Part III (November 16th, 2013)

The third and final installment of my interview with Denny Laine.  Denny talks about concerts, his future plans, and the fact that he never had a falling out with Paul.  Enjoy, and check back soon for my next interview!

Part I of the interview can be found here:


Me: In terms of going from playing sold-out stadiums and all that and playing these really intimate, nice gatherings where you can actually hear the sound and the sound quality is really good, if you had your druthers would you rather be playing these intimate shows with more sedate fans or the screaming arena shows?


Laine: Hey, if I could get into screaming arenas I would be at them, I’m not stupid.


Me: (Laughing)


Laine: But the fact of the matter is I like both, and I wouldn’t just want to do that, because you lose the touch that you have with the smaller audience. We grew up like this, you know, and the big thing became an extension of what you were required to do, but I think I’d like to go back and do something small once in a while otherwise you lose touch, you know. 


Me: Yeah. I appreciate these shows so much because the sound is great and people are just really grooving along.


Laine: Absolutely.


Me: Last question and I’ll let you get to your pre-ritual stuff, but are there any misconceptions that you want to clear up, or any kind of stories that you’ve heard about yourself that just aren’t true, or are exaggerations?


Laine: Well the more obvious one is that me and Paul and everybody fell out, which we never did. You know, a few years back we went to see UB40 and we had a great night. We’re big reggae fans that were friends and we live around the corner in London.  That was all bull.  There was a few things said, but you know, the way the press takes that, it’s like having an argument with someone in your family and suddenly everyone in the world knows about it, that’s ridiculous. But we never really had anything that we fell out about, we just parted ways, and that was mainly from the pressure mounting or the fact that we weren’t touring as much, I think.  We couldn’t tour.


Me: You also played on some of Paul’s solo albums, too, I thought.


Laine: Yeah, the first one. The first one was going to be a Wings, but it turned into a Paul thing. I was on that, yeah.


Me: Thank you very much, I appreciate your time!


Denny in Scituate MA November 16 2013 063


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  2. […] Part III of the interview can be found here: […]

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