Siobhan Magnus: American Idol finalist and performer at The Town Hall in NYC SATURDAY, February 8th!



     Siobhan Magnus may be known to millions as a finalist on the hit reality talent competition American Idol, but she’s so much more than just that. She’s been working on her latest EP and working on a tour schedule with the ’90s rock super group Doubtful Guest. However, this Saturday night, February 8th, she’ll be turning her attention to The Beatles as she joins the all-star line-up for the NYC:Fab50 concert event of a lifetime.    

  The show will start at 7:30 p.m. at the historic Town Hall in New York City. 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to The Food Bank of New Jersey, and also The Comprehensive Autism Medical Assessment and Treatment Center of New Jersey.  

For more information about the concert and tickets, please visit:



Me: How did you get involved in the event on Saturday?


Magnus: My manager Tony has a friend who is helping to put the show together, and when we saw who else was playing, we’re like, “Wow, this looks like a lot of fun,” and it’s for a great cause. I had also covered a Beatles’ song on American Idol. We got in touch with [NYC:Fab50] and I was thrilled when they said I could come and do it too.


Me: It’s like a who’s who of good musicians, and it’s just going to be an incredible and unusual combination of performers.  It’s going to make for a very good show!  I have to say that I don’t usually like covers of “Across The Universe,” but I watched your version on American Idol, and you really did a great job with it. You made a fan out of me that night.


Magnus: Thank you! A thing that pretty much nobody knows, because I got so much flak for that performance afterwards, people saying it was so boring and slow, but when we had our dress rehearsal that afternoon, it was quite a bit faster. We didn’t have time to rehearse it again, but one of the voice coaches told the piano player to slow it down, so when we went to do the live show, he slowed it down a lot, more than was needed. I’m not blaming him or anything. I love him. We didn’t get to practice it again, so there was no real decision on exactly what tempo, so when I got tons of people saying how bad they thought it was because it was so slow and creepy, and that’s what Simon said, too, I couldn’t just throw him under the bus and say, “It’s his fault! I would have done it faster!”  The other thing is that I really, really wanted to do “Helter Skelter,” but everybody told me not to. All of the producers were like, “No, you can’t sing that, that’s certain death. You’ll surely be voted off because everyone will think you’re a Satanist!”  I was like, “Ah! That’s not even what the song is about.” One guy ruined it for everybody.


Me: And yet McCartney won a Grammy for his live performance of it on the Citi Field album!


Magnus: I love to sing that song. It’s so much fun. Probably because I usually play with a rock band. That’s the other song I’ll be singing on Saturday.


Me: Will you be doing the faster version or the more slowed down version of “Across the Universe”?


Magnus: It’s in between. It’s going to be just acoustic guitar. I’m really excited to bring with me my uncle Tracy Ferrie, who’s currently the bass player for Boston and he’s toured and recorded with Stryper and a few other artists. He’s such a great player, and he’s my uncle. (laughing) He’s going to come and play with me. We’re just really excited to meet everybody else and see what they do with their Beatles covers.


Me: Is there a particular performer you’re looking forward to seeing at the Town Hall concert?


Magnus: Probably Fred from The B-52’s.


Me: I’m definitely intrigued and am waiting to see what he does!



Come see Siobhan Magnus, and many other great and iconic musicians, at the “America Salutes The Beatles” concert on Saturday, February 8th! Also, be sure to read up on all FOUR of the NYC:Fab 50 events happening in NYC starting Thursday, February 6th, and ending Sunday, February 9th:


~ by Jennifer Dodge on February 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Siobhan Magnus: American Idol finalist and performer at The Town Hall in NYC SATURDAY, February 8th!”

  1. I’ve heard Siobhan’s version of “Helter Skelter” live and she nailed it, strap in and hold on she blows the lid off it as only she can!

  2. […] these people who form a huge chunk of music history at the NYC:Fab 50 event a few Saturdays ago (…). You’re really living the dream in a lot of ways. It’s really inspiring to watch you do this, […]

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