Spin Doctors gearing up to cover The Beatles on Friday, February 7th at The Hudson Theater in New York City!


     Spin Doctors are planning to cover arguably the greatest band of all time this Friday night in New York City, bringing the group back to the city where they cut their musical teeth, while they cover a band that influenced them. The show will also feature Beatle cover bands from around the world, and then Spin Doctors will play Beatle hits interspersed with Spin Doctor hits. This is a one-of-a-kind show being put on by NYC:Fab50, the third of four concerts over four days in four different and historical venues.  

     Friday’s show, “Across The Universe,” is set in the Hudson Theater in New York City, and will start at 8 p.m.  100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to Comprehensive Autism Medical Assessment and Treatment Center of New Jersey!

For more information about the event and to buy tickets, please visit: http://www.nycfab50.com/Hudson1.htm

     I had the honor of speaking to Spin Doctors’ guitarist Eric Schenkman about the show and his thoughts on The Beatles and their music, and why the band is excited to headline this show:





Me: What are you looking forward to with the NYC:Fab50 concert at The Hudson on Friday?




Schenkman: Mostly playing that theater, first of all, and second of all, we’re going to haul out and do some Beatles’ songs, as well, which is going to be awesome because we never do Beatles’ songs. It seems like an historic time.  The Beatles on the Hudson. 50 with an exclamation point or two. 




Me: (laughing)




Schenkman: I’m over the moon, a fantastic theater, Friday night, The Beatles, Spin Doctors…it’s going to be great.




Me: I was a bit surprised for a couple of reasons. To have you guys playing the music of one of my favorite bands, The Beatles, well, I’ve never heard of you guys playing an event like this. It’s got to be an interesting undertaking.




Schenkman: Yeah!  I don’t think you can be a rock and roll band and not be affected by The Beatles, with a capital “A”  Affected. Definitely. In the psychic debt department, for any band to be able to be involved in an actual event that calls for this, it’s super cool. Also, additionally to be able to go and interpret some of those songs through our group which has a sound and a connection to New York in the sound as well, that’s a super great convergence of things. I can’t help but think it’s going to be a great night because of that fact alone. That’s not even mentioning the fact of the kind of affect that Times Square and The Beatles have had on me personally. My old man had Beatles records when I was a little kid. I remember when he brought The White Album back from England. Exciting.




Me: Looking at the history of Spin Doctors, this event seems like it is coming full circle for you guys. I don’t know it that’s a correct statement to make or not.




Schenkman: There’s two kinds of Spin Doctors. On one hand there’s the group you heard on the radio or saw on TV if you were alive in the early ‘90s. Then on the other hand there’s our personal group history which is much more that of a club band, a bar band, playing late into the evening.  We’ve been together for a long time. We gel, as the night goes on, better and better. We’re a rock band, a blues band, like The Beatles. It’s just super, super cool to have both of those different Spin Doctors affected. You think about Beatles’ tunes and you line them up against Spin Doctors’ tunes and you can’t help but think, “Wow, this one’s kind of similar to that in a way,” or maybe it’s the energy. It’s like The Beatles represent a certain kind of bar, I think, to any rock and roll band. It’s not really that surprising to put us in the middle of this concert because we have a sound, and we have a sound that was forged in New York City, in Manhattan particularly. I think in that way, the electrons will be moving in that building.  What people really forget about The Beatles is when they went to Hamburg in the early ‘60s, they did what all rock and roll bands did after them: they played all night long and they got people dancing on the floor, and the ceilings were no doubt sweating. They came back to England with that and turned everybody on. That part of The Beatles is really exciting. You can get that feeling by playing an old Beatles’ song. If you ask your band to play “I Saw Her Standing There,” it’s just going to rock.




Me: What can the audience expect from the show?




Schenkman: I think we’ll probably just play a bunch of songs that round out our thing and probably inject Beatles’ songs into it. We’ll build a set probably right before the show, or maybe the day before, that will flow good and try to weave in and out of all of these ideas.




Me: It’s going to be exciting!




Schenkman: Yeah!




Me: Is there a Beatles’ song that you’re hellbent on playing that you’d be upset if it didn’t make the setlist?




Schenkman: Let’s see…Yeah, probably any one of them!  The one that I just really think will sound great playing is “Revolution,” so I’d be pretty unhappy if we didn’t play that song. I think that song would sound great with the Spin Doctors mark on it.


Be sure to join Spin Doctors and the best Beatle bands from all over the world this Friday night at the historic Hudson Theater in New York City!  For more information about this concert and the other three NYC:Fab50 concerts, please visit: http://www.nycfab50.com/Hudson1.htm


~ by Jennifer Dodge on February 6, 2014.

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