Donovan Wows Crowd At The Fest For Beatle Fans (February, 2014)

The Hyatt in Manhattan doesn’t seem like the place you’d head to for an intimate concert with one of the world’s greatest troubadours, and yet the ticket holders for The Fest For Beatle Fans were treated to just that when Donovan took the stage Saturday night for an acoustic set, just the man and a guitar gifted to him by George Harrison.

His voice was strong and the audience filled the ballroom the stage was set up in. Not many seats, if any, were empty, and the crowd was treated to a fantastic show by one of the more under-appreciated artists of the past 50 years.

Highlights of the set, for me at least, were hearing one of the songs that is on my “Top 5 Songs of All Time” list, “Catch The Wind,” and then hearing “Hurdy Gurdy Man” interspersed with tales from The Beatles’ trip to India, which Donovan was a part of.

Below are three videos of his set (which consisted of hit after hit after hit) taken by me:

“Catch The Wind”:

“Jennifer Juniper”:

“Hurdy Gurdy Man”:


~ by Jennifer Dodge on February 20, 2014.

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